UK Advertising Needs You: industry launches inclusion drive

After the IPA’s census revealed an embarrassing lack of progress on diversity, a new initiative is providing a one-stop shop for employers and recruits, which aims to help guide advertising and its workforce into the modern, multicultural world.

Advertising Needs You is an information and advice hub, set up by the Advertising Association, ISBA and the IPA. It also showcases all industry the organisations, like Creative Equals, Brixton Finishing School, and BAME 2020, that promote and facilitate diversity and inclusion across all minority groups including disability, age, ethnicity, gender, and neuro-diversity.

Stephen Woodford, chief executive, Advertising Association, said: “We have long known that great creativity is integrally linked to great diversity of thinking and experience and we must do everything we can to build the world’s most diverse workforce. It is central to our future as a world-class advertising hub and we urge all employers to use the hub, both as a resource, but also as a showcase to share the work they are doing in this area.”

An Inclusion Group featuring members from the three bodies will meet monthly.

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