Sid Lee Paris’ Stephane Soussan: my MAA blast from the past – Peugeot ‘Elephant Sits on Car’

It’s hard to pick just one as there are dozens that make me love my job. This makes you realise how formulaic automobile communication has become these days. Aside from the excellence of the idea, the direction, the casting, I love that we don’t actually see the car until the 32-second mark.

The one and only moment where you see the car brand new is in a photo the guy’s holding up. And that only lasts for 25 frames out of the whole spot. I can’t even imagine this today – we’ve become car salesmen. I don’t want to say that things were better before but..

(Euro RSCG Worldwide, Milan 2002)

Stephane Soussan is creative director of Sid Lee Paris.

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