KFC is back. Mother’s tongue-in-cheek ad signposts return

Remember the early days of lockdown, when a lot of people enjoyed the novelty value of it all? They did things like make their own ‘KFC’ and post #RateMyKFC pics of their efforts on social media.

Now the real KFC is back (delivery only for now), and Mother’s ad admits what we knew all along — that these efforts were really rather sad.

It shows a montage of homemade KFC, accompanied by Celine Dion singing “All By Myself,” and ends with the line, “We’ll take it from here.” Somehow it feels like a huge weight has been taken off your shoulders, even if you’d never dream of eating a KFC.

MAA creative scale: 2 for the sorry visuals and miserable song, 8 for the delivery of the idea.

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