Best Covid-19 ads in April 2020 – Dove and St Luke’s

Commercial advertising in April 2020 pretty much ground to a halt (with some exceptions): what work there was was Covid-19.

Much of it was along the line: we’ve got to do something. But there were two stand-outs, efforts that would have stood out in any context.

First up is Ogilvy for Dove, ‘Courage is Beautiful,’ originated in Canada. Battle-scarred medics supporting a discreet commercial message. Nothing wrong in that, Unilever is doing its bit in the crisis – for medics and others.

Then, from the UK, ‘We’ll Meet Again’ from St Luke’s, which earned a 10 on our newly-minted Usefulness Scale. Celebs, for once, showing why they’re special alongside NHS workers – who really are special.

Stay Home Now from St Luke's on Vimeo.

Brilliant from St Luke’s.

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