MAA blast from the past: Dudley Moore at Tesco

In the 1990s Tesco set about transforming itself (yes business transformation was around even then) from its former ‘pile it high, sell it cheap’ Green Shield stamps days.

Leading the charge was this campaign from Lowe Howard-Spink featuring Dudley Moore chasing around the world in search of French free range chickens.

Later came another famous campaign, Dotty with Prunella Scales and Jane Horrocks, that lasted much longer.

But Dud and his French free range chickens (which Tesco shopper would buy those?) was a big statement. Brave of boss Ian MacLaurin and testimony to Frank Lowe’s unrivalled ability to persuade clients to make the kind of advertising he wanted.

Update: Tesco ads have changed somewhat in the intervening years. BBH is currently on the case and the work is, erm, more workmanlike. But that’s what CEO Dave Lewis seems to want and what Dave wants, Dave…

Here’s a new one for this strangest of Easters.

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