St Luke’s duo try to help out by putting NHS into reverse

More creativity in the land of Coronavirus, St Luke’s top creatives Richard Denney and Al Young have created a new logo to be shared on social media, Stay Home Now (SHN) which is simply the existing NHS (National Health Service) logo reversed.

They were inspired by a radio plea from a doctor, desperate to persuade people to stay indoors.

The accompanying copy reads: Don’t Send Our NHS backwards.

ECD Denney says: “My mum is a recently retired nurse so I felt we needed to do something. What the NHS is doing right now cannot be taken for granted or lightly. We must support and try to protect them by doing our bit and staying at home. It’s not a difficult ask.”

But will the Brits answer these calls and stay at home? The latest bush fire is construction it seems, with workers turning up in to work in numbers – including on a Heathrow hotel, hardly needed in the current circumstances. There were builders all over my street this morning.

Trouble is many of these are part of the UK’s burgeoning gig economy (often from overseas) and if they don’t work they don’t get paid. They may not be eligible for benefits. Another thorny issue for the Government.

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