Lurpak and W+K turn up the heat for purpose in the kitchen

If we all end up in self-isolation there will be plenty of hours in the day to cook, so this reminder to stock up on Lurpak is well-timed — unlike poor KFC’s finger-licking campaign.

“Where There Are Cooks, There Is Hope” urges everyone to “process your own food” and makes Lurpak the hero in a war against waste, claiming that home cooked meals can raise the dead, turn nothing into everything, and feed the masses.

The overblown message is accompanied by an over-the-top film directed beautifully by Kim Gehrig, who was also responsible for Libresse’s “Viva La Vulva,” Nike’s “Dream Crazier” and Sport England’s “This Girl Can.”

Christian Fischer, Lurpak vice president, Arla Foods, said: “Lurpak’s new campaign is bringing a much-needed sense of hope back into kitchens across the world. Families that cook are proven to have better relationships, cooks reduce food waste, they make healthy delicious, and can even cure the dreaded hangover.”

The film will run in the UK, Australia, Greece and Scandinavia, and is supported by print, digital and social advertising.

MAA creative scale: 8.5

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