‘Act without over-reacting’: Sadoun’s Covid-19 advice to staff

Publicis Groupe CEO and chairman Arthur Sadoun has addressed the troops in a video he’s called “Taking Care Together.”

Most offices remain open for people who want or need to use them, and extra hygiene measures are in place, but everyone is encouraged to work from home and use video conferencing as much as they can.

Publicis Groupe has set up an advice email which is manned “day and night,” and Sadoun invites everyone to use it, insisting that “there is no big or small question.”

Sadoun tries to be positive, suggesting that this crisis is an opportunity to “discover new ways of working” and new ways to support clients. He also reassures staff by saying that Publicis Groupe has “the solid foundations and agile structure to adapt to the challenges we are facing together.”

There is an air of calm about his call to “act without over-reacting,” but he’s in no doubt about the seriousness of the coronavirus situation globally, and insists that “nothing is more important than your health and that of your family.”

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