Mother and comedian Guz Khan make Uber Eats a cheery, positive experience

This first big brand campaign for Uber Eats from Mother is a refreshing, uncomplicated — but strategically clever — look at the life of a courier who delivers a dose of positivity with every meal.

Comedian Guz Khan is the star of BBC3 hit comedy series, Man Like Mobeen, and his Uber Eats line, “Bring it,” interprets most moments in life as a chance to shine.

If you can set aside concerns about healthy eating choices, which Uber Eats customers must do, it’s a lovable campaign.

MAA creative scale: 8

One Comment

  1. Can I just say I absolutely love these Uber Eats ads with Guz Khan. They’re just so lovely and uplifting. Honestly puts a smile on my face every time. Need a bit of positivity in our delivery…… sorry about the cheese, and yes you can use that ^^

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