Posten Norge’s Christmas postman certainly delivers

Norway’s Posten Norge and Oslo agency Pol are offering a new spin on the ‘Immaculate Conception’ this Christmas, featuring Mary, a comely postman and a suspiciously blond baby.

POSTEN "Virgin Birth" from Filip Nilsson on Vimeo.

Would probably cause a monumental stink if such a US or UK advertiser did it.


MAA creative scale: 8.


  1. Please learn more about Christianity before publishing something so ignorant. Mary’s conception of Jesus is not the “Immaculate Conception.” The Immaculate Conception is Mary’s conception without sin.

  2. As I said when reviewing the spot on AdScam… All the Born Again’s here in the US would go apeshit… But, it’s well known, they have no sense of humor. Mmmm… Not just the US then!

  3. At Christmas time? and with all the anti christian hatred going on in Europe and around the world? Really?! Didnt the CEO of Posten get wind of this and think perhaps this is a bad idea?? If the ad world thinks some Kardashian idiot drinking Pepsi is offensive how can insulting 2 billion Christians be a good idea? Did POL have any other ideas to run with?

    It;s not only offensive to Christians its plain offensive to humanity in that it glorifies ADULTERY.

    There is nothing creative and clever about this ad. It fails to do anything except raise awareness for Posten and sets a new bar for ignominy in the ad world.

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