Albert Bartlett takes to the dance floor for Christmas

Designer potato brand Albert Bartlett has got a brand new bag – with 20 per cent less plastic – and it’s the hero of its Christmas/holiday campaign, to the tune of James Brown’s seminal song.

So we have some more jigging around in the kitchen (lot of that going on this year.) From Infinite content and music video director Caswell Coggins.

Albert Bartletts head of marketing Michael Jarvis says: “The new campaign focuses on the shared joy of cooking and of creating delicious meals using quality ingredients such as Albert Bartlett potatoes. It promotes our family values as well as tying into our continuous programme of environmental improvement.

“We are using less plastic for the 2kg Rooster and Elfe bags and the material saved in a year would make enough bags to stretch by road and ferry from Edinburgh to Milan..we’re working hard to reduce our environmental impact and here’s a positive step along the way.”

It seems that “brand new bag” meant a new interest in papa’s life back in 1965 rather than something to carry things in, but never mind.

It’s lively enough and the music, supposedly the inspiration for funk, is unforgettable.

Interesting that sustainable packaging now seems at least as important as the product.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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