Asda’s timing goes awry with Christmas feel-good effort

You do wonder if the management of big companies ever communicate with each other.

Asda launched its glittery new Christmas ad from AMV BBDO on Saturday, at exactly the time thousands of workers faced the chop if they didn’t sign up to new hours and, in some cases, less pay. The Walmart-owned supermarket rescinded the deadline on Friday, saying anyone who hadn’t signed but turned up this week would still have a job (for how long we don’t know.)

Did someone from marketing have a word?

When Alan Leighton and Archie Norman were turning round Asda they were the first to call staff “colleagues” and wear first name badges like the troops. No doubt Walmart knows better.

Here’s the ad then, lots of magic and sparkle.

OK, nicely shot – MAA creative scale: 5.

The main reason Asda and its mooted merger partner Sainsbury’s are in trouble are the inroads made by Aldi and, to a lesser extent, Lidl.

Aldi has been teasing its next ‘Kevin the carrot’ Christmas number all weekend. It probably won’t make Asda feel any better when it lands.

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