Adam&eveDDB set for more awards as Marmite tries to hypnotise the nation

We all know you either love or hate Marmite but now the venerable brand is trying to turn haters into lovers via hypnosis – is this legal? You have to sign up for the “full experience” it says here.

And there’s a consumer film too.

Marmite marketing manager Rachel Chambers says: “The taste of Marmite has been dividing families for over 100 years. We’re so pleased that we have finally cracked how to convert even the most vehement of haters to lovers, using the power of hypnosis.

“Recent research cemented Marmite’s reputation as the most loved and hated product of our generation, and we can’t wait for lucky participants to be converted from haters to lovers.”

Somebody’s bound to kick up over this but Marmite and agency adam&eveDDB won’t mind too much.

Marmite’s one of the agency’s awards bankers along with CALM now that Harvey Nichols has mysteriously departed. This has podium written all over it.

MAA creative scale: 9.25.

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