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Accenture adds a new quiver to its armoury with UK consultancy Bow & Arrow

Accenture Interactive’s appetite for new acquisitions shows no sign of abating: now it’s bought UK consultancy Bow & Arrow, described as a “digital ventures consultancy that helps clients identify and create new digital products and services that fulfil unmet customer needs.”

Founded in 2009, Bow & Arrow claims to blend analytics with creativity and vision with execution. It works with clients across a variety of industries, with a focus on communications, media and technology.

Accenture Interactive UK head Joy Bhattacharya says: “Research has shown communications and media to be the most disrupted industry in the UK, so these companies are looking for growth opportunities outside of their core businesses.

“It’s hard to identify where that white space is, and even once you’ve found it, you need help to change course and grow in the right direction. The acquisition strengthens our capabilities in guiding clients toward these opportunities for experience reinvention — from discovery to delivery — helping clients find and unlock avenues for business growth.”

A new twist on full service perhaps.

For the time being Accenture seems content to add niche companies to its growing empire although it seems likely that, at some stage, there’ll be a bigger deal, maybe an agency network. The consultancy is rumoured to be talking to M&C Saatchi, currently grappling with a large-scale accounting problem.

M&C is a quoted company though and Accenture seems to steer clear of auctions.

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