MillerCoors targets women again with Blue Moon from DDB

Are women to be the salvation of the flagging US beer market?

MillerCoors evidently thinks so. Recently we had a young lady winding down with a Coors Light courtesy of Leo Burnett and now it’s DDB Chicago’s turn for craft beer Blue Moon with another such (could be the same actress, there’s a wheeze.)

Because good things happen “once in a blue moon.”

Deft and slick.

Still not convinced though.

MAA creative scale: 7.

One Comment

  1. Any beer flogged in a bottle you can take the top off with your bare hands… Is not a beer. Anyway, in the US it’s the sales of Nuns Piss beer that are flagging. The craft beers are doing well… And blue Moon is not a craft beer. There again, Boddington’s is no longer brewed in Manchester next to Strangeways jail, thereby providing cruel and unusual punishment to the poor fuckers incarcerated there. So’ I’ll shut up and have another “Fourth Reich” vodka made from Idaho’s fine craft potato’s. Cheers/George

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