Social star #AlexFromGlasto meets Alexa from Amazon

Stormzy, Kylie, The Killers and The Cure might have been the biggest acts booked at Glastonbury this year, but the breakout star was Alex Mann, the 15 year old Somerset kid who was plucked from the crowd to perform with rapper Dave, and totally nailed it.

Brands jumped instantly on the Alex bandwagon, including Amazon’s Alexa, which seems to have produced this #ad demonstrating that the 15 year-old’s rapping is a lot better than his acting. (The clip refers to the fact that Alex was only meant to fill in some gaps, but he couldn’t help himself from taking over the whole show.)

Social media stardom inevitably beckoned: Alex Mann’s Twitter followers went from 90 to 183,000 overnight, and on Instagram — where he shot up from 1,000 to 170,000 followers — he now describes himself as a “public figure.” also signed Alex up straight away and sorted him out with a “Lambo,” (Lamborghini) which is referenced in the rap he performed. Piers Morgan muscled in on the act, inviting Alex to Good Morning Britain, where he again performed a rap but — without the crowd or his signature bucket hat — he seemed like the vulnerable teenager he is.

Nobody would deny Alex his moment in the sun, and it looks like the boy’s parents are letting him off school for a few days (well it is nearly the end of term and GCSEs aren’t until next year) while he milks it, but let’s hope he gets an agent who teaches him that sometimes it’s better to just say no.

Here’s the full Glasonbury moment:

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