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Levy’s tech start-up challenges Amazon for Sizmek

Maurice Levy’s French tech start-up Ycor is tweaking the mighty Amazon by the tail, saying it will outbid it for Sizmek, in Chapter 11 since the end of March.

Sizmek is a DSP with an ad server and optimizer. Asking price is about $30m.

Alain Levy (left), who runs Ycor, told the Drum: “There was an initial bidding process and the conclusion of this bidding process was that Amazon had an asset purchase agreement that was signed on Monday last week, but that is not the end of the process.

“Once the document is filed, two things happen: the judge works on the terms of the documents and establishes that everything was done according to the rules and then in the end validates the transaction. But until the date, it is not final, it is not fixed. They have to make sure that the creditors are getting the highest return.”

He says that an Amazon purchase of Sizmek leave the market without an “independent alternative.” Sizmek appears to favour a deal with Amazon.

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