Is Vanarama’s van-based reality grimy as opposed to gritty?

Anyone who watches UK daytime TV (full disclosure, your correspondent sometimes does) will be familiar with van rental firm Vanarama’s chirpy staff hymning Van-A-Rama. Compared to much of the stuff (endless funeral plans, equity release schemes) it’s not the worst.

But now it’s running a campaign one can only call gritty, from Big Al’s Creative Emporium and directed by Little Brotain’s Matt Lipsey, depicting what some people get up to in vans – to show why you shouldn’t buy a used one. Here’s the latest with dogging Dirty Don.

And the first one with flatulent Ronnie Trump.

There’s also a ‘Bogey Man’ instalment but I think we’ll pass on that.

Vanarama CMO Paul Cable says: “These videos were designed to entertain and educate van drivers around the UK. The millions of people that have viewed these videos now know that if you’re buying a used van, you just don’t know what it’s been through, and I don’t just mean engine wear and tear. Why buy used when you can lease brand new?”

Indeed, Brave of Vanarama but is it brave verging on foolhardy? Dirty Don is at the grimy end of gritty.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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