British Airways centenary ad looks back to a more civil era

British Airways is marketing its centenary this year (the centenary of its many forebears actually, it didn’t become BA until 1974) with an Ogilvy campaign hymning..good old Britain.

And flying the flag (a rather more memorable BA campaign than anything it’s come up with recently) are quite a collection of distinguished Brits including Anthony Joshua, Olivia Colman (have to have her), Grayson Perry, Gary Oldman and noted primatologist Jane Goodall (she knows more about apes than anyone else.)

Nicely shot, well made all round.

These days, though, ads have to match the product and BA is not what it was. Having to pay for M&S sandwiches and all that, who do they think they are – Ryanair?

Maybe they do.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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