Economist turns to TV with Proximity plea to wider audience

The venerable Economist is inviting us to “Never stop questioning” in its return to TV advertising through Proximity, part of Omnicom’s AMV BBDO empire.

So we have a young girl going through life questioning until it’s her turn to answer questions as a teacher.

The Economist’s weekly diet of upscale analysis and opinion (famously it doesn’t have bylines, or didn’t) now has to survive in an online world too and it’s no doubt right to try to broaden its audience. London tube stations are sometimes populated by Economist promoters in bright red T-shirts.

And a perspective from The Economist is doubtless still more valuable than other click-chasing sites. One of its current stories about the so-called Albanian mafia is subtitled “Piranhas from Tirana.”

This one? Nothing not to like but maybe it lacks a clinching argument.

MAA creative scale: 6.

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