Hudson Rouge for Lincoln and Folk for Aldi try different ways to mine Christmas

Amazon’s UK Christmas ad from Lucky Generals seems to be one of the best performers even though it’s little more than heaps of Amazon deliveries to a winning soundtrack. Maybe other advertisers try too hard?

WPP agency Hudson Rouge seems to have taken a line of little resistance with this effort for Cadillac’s Lincoln – dogs.

Lucky pooch, judging by all the expensive autos outside the rather grand house.

Lidl and Finnish agency Folk strive for something original at Christmas, this year it’s the solitary inmate of a prison who gets a useful prezzie from his jailer – which he returns with interest.

Does bleak play well at Christmas? Maybe it depends on how far north you are.

Lincoln – MAA creative scale: 4.

Aldi – MAA creative scale: 5 (one more for effort, but wouldn’t really want to be there.)

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