Here’s what Elton John is up against for John Lewis

We still don’t actually know if Elton John (isn’t he a ‘Sir’ these days?) is performing for John Lewis and adam&eve this Christmas but the world thinks he is.

Mobile platform OnePulse has been asking the great British public what they think of the choice and, in descending order, it is good; emotional, festive (that’s the point), cheesy and heart-warming. Which should please the agency (can’t please everyone).

860 people aged 16-65 across the UK also rated their favourite John Lewis Christmas ads.

Top came 2016’s Buster the Boxer (below) with 20 per cent then Monty the Penguin (20 per cent). Last year’s effort Moz the Monster came last with eight per cent.

Will they team Elton with an animal of some sort? Tip: don’t have him lurking under the bed like Moz.

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