Burger King starts BBH relationship with £20,000 giveaway

Burger King has gained a big reputation for its feisty marketing – at Cannes among other places – and it’s going its own way again: appointing BBH without a pitch and launching a new campaign promising someone £20,000 to take the first bite of its new Crispy Chicken Burger.

Previous Burger King chicken products were pants it seems.

Here’s newly-installed Burger King UK CEO Alasdair Murdoch making his generous offer.

Murdoch, who formerly ran Gourmet Burger Kitchen, was appointed by Bridgepoint Capital which took over the Burger King UK franchise last year.

It’s a smart wheeze and augurs well for BBH with one of the world’s only big advertisers that’s prepared to take a risk or two. BBH formerly handled rival KFC (presumably better at chicken) but that moved to Mother.

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