Deconstructing Bud Light: popular fashion over flavour

I see that Bud Light is partnering with the England men’s football team – riding high in the nation’s affections following their decent World Cup – in a bid to replicate its success with the American NFL.

Whether or not the contract insists that Harry Kane Kane and co. need to bellow ‘dilly dilly’ when they score we know not. ‘Dilly dilly’ is a blend of daft and silly, according to the OED. Golf fans were banned from shouting it at this year’s Masters apparently. Although it might have been an improvement on the startlingly unoriginal “in the hole,” usually voiced when someone whacks it into the bushes.

Wieden+Kennedy London has inherited the account from its big brother in Portland, a likelihood that didn’t meet with universal approbation locally when it was first suggested. But it’s risen to the adaptation challenge.

Bud Light doesn’t find favour with some of our regular correspondents but owner Budweiser seems to be selling buckets of it in the UK.

You can draw your own conclusions from that. That’s enough deconstruction.

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  1. Selling buckets of Bud Light in the UK. Perhaps as one German said when Bud sponsored the World Cup in Germany… “It’s not fit for washing my car.” Maybe the Brits are not so fussy.

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