Iceland is looking for all the support it can get ahead of its World Cup match against Argentina

Iceland kicks of its World Cup campaign on Saturday with a match against the mighty Argentina.

The intrepid Viking nation, which is by far the smallest ever to qualify for the World Cup finals, is unlikely to be daunted by the prospect.

However, the country’s tourist board is working hard to recruit extra support from football fans around the world, many of whom who were captivated by Iceland’s spirited success in the 2014 European Championships.

Iceland humiliated England by knocking the team out of the tournament, as if we need reminding.

This latest film, by Brooklyn Brothers with local agency Islenska, features a comedian playing a prank on Argentine fans. He teaches them to chant in Icelandic what they think is “Defeat Iceland” when in fact they are saying “Go Iceland.”

The film follows on from a similarly playful ad in which the Icelandic president and first lady practice their football skills and encourage fans around the world to support Iceland.

MAA creative score: 7

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