Nokia tests reliability to the limit in Mother’s new ad

Even iPhone obsessed millennials know the Nokia “brick” is indestructible, so Mother’s new ad for the brand cleverly trades on this USP in an endearing way.

Two boys rely on each other – and on their Nokia phones – to see them through life’s ups and downs, from bullies and breakdowns to brides and babies. One phone even gets dropped on an icy bridge, echoing the many YouTube videos of people trying to bash in their Nokias without success.

We’ve seen a few of these ads celebrating life’s important moments: John Lewis’ “Always a woman,” and Boots’ Christmas ad with the two sisters spring to mind. But this is a fresh take on the theme and there’s no arguing with the strategy, which lifts the brand out of the tech battle and embraces the less sexy territory of reliability. After all, what use are all the bells and whistles when you’re plagued by cracked screens and low batteries?

A nice follow-up to Nokia’s Christmas ad, which was one of our favourites of last year.

MAA creative scale: 8

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