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Highlighting the hackers – Hiscox utilises digital OOH to display real-time cyber attacks

By Talon Outdoor.

In a media first, Hiscox’s ‘CyberLive’ deployed a real-time Out of Home advertising campaign to highlight the prevalence of hacking in the modern digital world.

As part of a wider drive for the specialist insurance firm, Hiscox has cemented its position in the ‘cyber-risk’ marketplace for SMEs by implementing a reactive digital OOH campaign that saw screens being hacked in real-time.

The OOH campaign made a huge impact – a brilliant idea executed in real time and supported by additional formats that generated content amplified across other channels. And all at a time when cyber security was making the news, placing Hiscox at the forefront of the issue.

In a fully collaborative process, agencies AMV BBDO, Goodstuff, Grand Visual and Talon created purpose built ‘honeypot’ servers – the type typically used by SME businesses – to monitor live hacks, which then in turn generated a response by digital OOH creatives.

As an attack would take place red pulses would be triggered on creative alongside messaging that highlighted the scale of the issue using statistics such as ‘one in three small business have fallen victim to cyber attacks’ and ‘you are more than 40 per cent more likely to be a victim of cyber-crime than burglary.’

Cyber security has become an important topic for many in recent months with high profile attacks on businesses and nationwide institutions such as the NHS. The issue has become a growing concern for people as they look to secure their digital footprint.

A recent YouGov study found that 69 per cent of consumers would boycott a brand that showed no regard for data security. The same study also found that 72 per cent of people were more aware of cyber security threats than they were five years ago.

The campaign saw a phenomenal amount of activity – with 62,000 attacks being recorded in one 24-hour period alone, and a total 195,250 cyber-attacks taking place over the entire campaign duration.

Olivia Hendrick, head of Marketing and Partnerships at Hiscox UK & Ireland commented on the campaign: “Hiscox CyberLive is about making small businesses more aware of the very real threat that cybercrime poses and challenging the belief that cyber criminals only target larger organizations. We were genuinely astounded by the number of attacks, especially up to 60,000 in one day, and hope this disruptive campaign serves as a reminder to all of the importance of cyber security.”

Roy Shepherd, head of Out of Home at Goodstuff, who integrated the campaign across media channels, added that it “perfectly showcased what can be achieved when we push the boundaries of inventiveness.”

OOH specialist partner Talon client director James Brunton added that the campaign “delivered the real potential of digital OOH and how for the right client you can steer the message using real time context and data to match a real issue to the Hiscox brand strategy.”

We leave the final word on the campaign to Grand Visual, who masterminded the technology behind the unique honeypot concept. GV business QDot and its Adtech platform OpenLoop analysed the real-time data and distributed to multiple screens across the UK. “Clever use of data and technology means this digital OOH campaign delivered a hard-hitting message and a compelling call to action for Hiscox Small Business Insurance,” said Dan Dawson, chief creative technology officer, Grand Visual. “The threat is real, the proof is here, and the figures speak for themselves.”

A campaign that brilliantly captured the imagination of a real issue, delivered in real time stretched the use of digital OOH to put Hiscox at the forefront of cyber security. It represented a strong collaboration of creative idea, technology, media planning and OOH implementation that captured the imagination, and delivered something both special and unique.

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