Grey London wins Campari’s Bulldog Gin

Grey London has joined the ranks of WPP’s ‘Team Campari’ with the win of formerly independent Bulldog Gin globally. Gruppo Campari, which also owns Aperol, Campari and Grand Marnier, bought Bulldog for $58m in February last year.

Grey won in a competitive pitch – presumably against other WPP agencies – and will launch a global campaign later this year.

Grey London CEO Leo Rayman says: “This is exactly the kind of work we want to be making for our clients. Integrated, innovative and global; we can’t wait for our first campaign to hit consumers and see the reaction.”

Designer gins have become something of a goldmine for their inventors; they’re easier to make than, say, whisky because they take less time to mature. It remains to be seen if they’ll have the same impact for the big drinks companies that buy them.

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