Golding leads industry drive against ‘top five emails’

I see that IPA president and The&Partnership London CEO is leading an ‘industry-wide initiative’ to put a stop to Top Five leavers’ emails. A recent one, which received nationwide media coverage, was sent by departing T&P planner Paul Martin (for which he apologised profusely).

In an email to IPA council members Golding (above) said: “We do however, also want to clarify that the so-called “Top Five” lists that have been shared by leavers here in the past have never been indicative of a chauvinistic culture: on the contrary, they have been shared by both departing men and women, and have often listed five best friends or best times at the agency, rather than people of the opposite gender.”

“We have always been proud of the fact that The & Partnership is a network of agencies that actively invests in and promotes women at all levels within the business: our three London agencies for example are all run by women, as are our media networks in North America run by two women, and we have female managing directors and heads of department across the business. Many of these women are actively involved in multiple initiatives to support and empower women across the advertising and media industries.”

Quite right too.

We did note that over the weekend one investigative sleuth discovered that one of Martin’s top five was the “Chief Executive Officer of my heart.”

Wonder who that was?

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