Debenhams discovers tweeters have a heart – at Christmas

We Are Social has been analysing Twitter users’ response to UK Christmas ads and found that, while John Lewis’ Moz the Monster is top for responses, Debenhams’ effort from JWT (below) captured tweeters’ hearts (supposing they have such a thing).

Here’s the top list.

We Are Social senior analyst Nurfarah Mattar says: said: “While many brands have been praised in the media for putting diversity and inclusion at the top of their Christmas agenda this year, widespread reception to the adverts has been mixed, at best. Brands need to be brave and keep pushing these messages, but make sure they’re doing it in an authentic way that doesn’t feel forced, or overly political.

“John Lewis is still the brand to beat when it comes to awareness and reach; none of the other retailers have come close to taking its crown. However, with criticism that it wasn’t ‘Christmassy’ enough, Debenhams and Aldi’s more festive efforts won the sentiment battle. For Debenhams, the fairytale angle and inclusion of Ewan McGregor stood out. For Aldi, it was the innocence of Kevin the Carrot and use of humour that appealed to viewers, overshadowing and excluding any argument around racial representation, which dominated reactions to many of the other ads (such as Tesco’s).”

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