Red Brick Road wins blinds company Hillarys

Red Brick Road has won Hillarys which describes itself as the country’s “most successful direct-to-customer in-home manufacturer and retailer of made-to- measure blinds, curtains, awnings and shutters.” Incumbent The Refinery, Krow, Brothers & Sisters and BJL also pitched.

The account is reported to be worth a somewhat improbable £24m in media terms although some such home-focussed companies do saturate digital channels. The business was founded in 1971.

Marketing director Susan White says: “We’re thrilled to have found an agency partner who can help us amplify our direct response activities and create a brand narrative that our customers will engage with.”

Red Brick Road CEO David Miller says: “Hillarys has a clear ambition and a proven track record – the opportunity to build a genuine following for their brand and business is really exciting for us.”

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