John Lewis and adam&eve unveil Christmas Moz the Monster

Here it is.

Is monster Moz as good as Monty the Penguin?

It’s all rather academic as these ads have become a UK institution and, once again, adam&eveDDB delivers for John Lewis. As do director Michel Gondry and Elbow’s Guy Garvey, with a stirring version of Paul McCartney’s Golden Slumbers.

Will sell lots of monsters and night lights.

To standard I think, rather than setting a new one.

MAA creative scale: 8.5.


Social intelligence group Brandwatch has analysed JL online thus:

Between 7am – 8am today (the ad was released at 7.40am)

2,906 mentions of the ad – during this first hour, mentions peaked at 246 per minute
Sentiment categorised mentions were 86% positive, 14% negative
Gender split 32% male, 68% female

Between 7am – 10am today:

18,260 mentions
76% positive, 24% negative
34% male, 66% female

Looks like a result for JL but it’s going to have to go a bit to catch P. Bear.

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