It’s Christmas turkey time – a pretty long list

So which ads are top (bottom) of the list of Christmas turkeys? So far, anyway, according to YouTube.

Tesco’s turkey-stuffed ‘Everyone’s Welcome,’ is arguably one with just 425,000 YouTube views (John Lewis has eight million so far).

Surprising, liked this one (although some hijab haters didn’t).

Barbour’s overly winsome “Snowman and Snowdog’ has just 110,000 views – OK, it’s a brand – but doesn’t seem to wowing them in the Anglesey Arms.

Morrisons ‘Christmas List’ has just 54,000 views. Rather disappointed ones most likely. Did they film this on a phone?

TK Maxx isn’t knocking ’em dead either with 21,000.

Neither is part one of Vodafone’s ambitious ‘Love Story’ with just over 12,000.

All somewhat unscientific of course, certainly not exhaustive. But one gets the feeling that even the more popular efforts, like John Lewis and Marks & Spencer, are failing to pull in the same numbers as of yore. Maybe people are becoming fed up of retailers trying to flog them cuddly toys.

Bah humbug, you might say.

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