Tube bosses get their knickers in a twist over Lineker nudity

That Gary Lineker’s a bit of a show-off isn’t he? The former footballing “fox in the box” – a toned 56 now – has been making ads for years, most notably with Paul Weiland and AMV for Walkers, as well as presenting Match of the Day and BT’s Champions League coverage.

Now he’s disrobed for a teaser campaign from a mystery retailer, which was OK as far as the London Evening Standard but brought Transport for London (TfL), which runs ads on the Tube, out in hot flushes. Gary needed to put his boxers on they said, even though his nether regions were not disclosed.

Or be shot from chest up.

But is any of this overtly sexual, as TfL thinks? Well everyone to their…

Here’s another ad (the first one) that TfL decided to amend, mystifyingly.

Mystery retailer PR agency W says: “We worked closely with TFL to ensure the adverts that will appear on Monday are suitable for the environment. TFL have been incredibly helpful at every step of the way to ensure all parties are happy with the final images.”

Read the other day that lots of men in the City won’t have one-to-one meetings with women any more – or will only do so in an open space or with the door open – in fear of being accused of untoward behaviour. Does this also apply to the growing number of ladies in the upper echelons of adland? Or to cosy lunches?

Will have to change our approach to these encounters obviously.

PS. Some denizens of adland got there before Gary.

PPS. I see that Cindy Gallop’s on the sexual harassment in adland case now. Yikes.

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