AMV BBDO opens Kat Institute for Whiskas

You could write a thesis on the depiction of cats in the digital age (someone probably is): part loveable, part sinister, masking our secret fear, perhaps, that these self-confident creatures will one day take over the world. Wieden+Kennedy’s ‘cats with thumbs’ for Cravendale being a notable example.

Here’s another – the Kat Institute of Technology (KIT) – from AMV BBDO for Whiskas, with help from Google and MediaCom.

What is it? A ‘platform’ to answer all your cat questions. Everything seems to be a platform these days, can we be one?

Whiskas European brand manager Katie Griffiths says: “This campaign is the next stage of our journey to help consumers understand how to feed their cats’ curiosity. There are over 30.4 million online searches for cat related queries every month, covering everything from what to feed my cat to what is the right breed to choose. As one of the most trusted brands in cat care, we wanted to be there to help cat owners at the moments that matter and bring our expertise to life in a new, engaging and informative way.”

So there you go. Deftly handled by AMV which seems to be regaining top form after a couple of fallow years.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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