2017’s best ads: Wieden+Kennedy, BBH and Droga5 top July

Wieden+Kennedy London’s having a good year so far and its ‘Go Binge’ campaign for Three continues the rich vein, with another inimitable invention ‘dolph-a-sloth.’

W+K manages to make Three likeable, no mean achievement for a mobile provider. Come on Vodafone, you can do it – one day perhaps.

BBH is inching back to form too, a tricky journey as the bar is set so high.

2017 has been the year of LGBT (and some other acronyms rather beyond us) and BBH’s debut campaign for Absolut – ‘Equal Love’ – leaps cheerfully on the bandwagon.

Divides opinion somewhat this one – but then it had to. Deftly done with a clever music choice.*

Can Trump’s America still do dignity? Droga5 gives it its best shot in this ad for Ancestry.com featuring descendants of the signatories of the Declaration of Independence.

The above gentlemen weren’t saints of course but they might be surprised at how things are turning out.


*One of my spies notes a resemblance twixt Absolut’s Equal Love and a Maccabees pop vid from 2009. Co-incidence/inspiration or copy? I tend to err on the generous side in these matters but..

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