Y&R challenges received wisdom with Dyslexic Sperm Bank

40 per cent of self-made millionaires are dyslexic according to this campaign from Y&R for charity Made By Dyslexia, as were Albert Einstein, Alexander Graham Bell (who invented the telephone) and Henry Ford.

So why not open a high street Dyslexic Sperm Bank to give your children a chance?

The danger with turning things on their head is that you might fall on your nose.

But this is an eye-opener.

Y&R CCO Jon Burley says: “Made By Dyslexia is an extraordinary charity with an extraordinary point of view: dyslexia is not a disadvantage, but an advantage that has helped shape the modern world. We are extremely proud to have developed The Dyslexic Sperm Bank – a truly provocative, imaginative and culturally powerful idea that is worthy of their vision and ambition.”

Dyslexic Sir Richard Branson (who’s done pretty well for himself too) is fronting the campaign and I was expecting old beardie to pop up here. Mercifully he doesn’t. Maybe he was edited out.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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