W+K unveils spectacular animal kingdom for Three

Wieden+Kennedy’s mid-season efforts for Three are usually noteworthy – often featuring cutesy animals, cats and ponies in recent iterations.

Now, however, Three and W+K have invented their very own animal kingdom, with help from post production wizards The Mill. First up, plugging Three’s holiday time roaming deal, is the “giraffe-amingo.”

Three director of brand and communications Lianne Norry says: “At Three we know what our customers want from their phone and, more importantly, how this makes them feel. Our “giraffe-amingo” embodies the sense of freedom and confidence that our customers feel when they roam abroad at no extra cost. That’s why we’re on a mission to make it right by giving them the power to use their mobile exactly how they want. This is no-ordinary feeling. This is a special kind of Three feeling.”

Might move to Three myself, as EE doesn’t seem to be able to reach a pretty central area of London these days.

There’s a fashion for short commercials this year, this could have done with an extra ten seconds or so. Should we blame this on Brexit?

But it’s a promising start to what should be an interesting campaign.

MAA creative scale: 8.

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