Tories all over the place before Election cameras

Who on earth is co-ordinating, if that’s not too grand a word, the Tories’ General Election campaign. Not M&C Saatchi surely, who should know about these things. Aussie spinmeister and legendary control freak Lynton Crosby? Then where is he?

Here’s foreign secretary Boris Johnson not just behaving like a Bullingdon bully in an altercation on Sky News with Labour’s Andrew Gwynne but producing fib after fib as he blusters away. No surprise there maybe as he helped to win the Brexit vote with biggest fib of all, that the Brexiteers would spend the £350m a week allegedly remitted to the EU on the NHS.

Johnson, while a bizarre politician, at least used to be a capable wordsmith. It’s even more shocking to see him coining words by the second – “palliating” and “legitimating” in the first minute or so. No wonder Theresa May looked shell-shocked when she appeared before the BBC’s Jeremy Paxman a few hours later.

Labour’s Jeremy Corbyn, by contrast, made Paxman appear petulant and childish.

At this rate Corbyn really could win.

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