Red Brick Road adds a quirky squidge to Soreen

Malt loaves are one of those quirky old-style British things so agency Red Brick Road has produced a quirky old-style campaign for maker Soreen. The Manchester baker is also launching Lunch Loaves for school lunches, claiming the squidgy snack is healthy.

Soreen marketing director Bethan Brown says: “We know that health conscious consumers are faced with a daily challenge of choosing snacks that are nutritious, tasty and genuinely filling. This is where Lunchbox Loaves, the Original Malt Loaf, and the Malt Loaf Bars each play a role as a healthier snack for a variety of occasions.

“Lunchbox Loaves are the snack that health conscious mums can feel good about giving to their children, whilst the new Malt Loaf bars are a convenient treat for busy adults on-the-go. The Original Malt Loaf, the firm family favourite, remains a healthier alternative to cakes and biscuits as a tea-time treat.”

“The new cinema campaign creates high impact for the brand, bringing Soreen to new and old audiences and communicating our nutritional credentials. We are confident that this campaign will deliver positive growth on household penetration and sales.”

It might. MAA creative scale: 7.

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