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Best ads of 2017: Droga5 London wins March with Seat

There were some really good ads in March, lots of nine scores, but one stood out – Droga5 London’s debut campaign for Seat.

This is tough on FCB Inferno’s new Sport England ad, and others, but car advertising is a huge waste land, rubbish piled on go-faster rubbish.

The last on-the button car advertising was, arguably, BMW’s ‘The Ultimate Driving Machine’ from WCRS 30 years ago (OK, there was Audi from BBH too). We know the BMW films with Clive Owen have their supporters but there’s still a sense that this is agencies playing at being movie directors.

But this ad tells the story of a lonely Seat race car, marooned in the pits and the garage, while another, similar version, is enjoying itself. It’s that much over-used panacea story-telling, for once used to good effect.

Brilliant stuff. Can Seat live up to the ads?

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