Sport England and FCB show this girl can still hack it

FCB Inferno’s This Girl Can campaign for Sport England a couple of years ago won most of the available gongs going and also, rather more pertinently, persuaded millions of women to exercise more.

But we don’t want any slacking do we? So now they’re back with a new iteration, widening the target age range significantly – to all women it seems.

A lot riding on this for everybody. As a government-backed body amidst spending cuts Sport England has to show it’s getting a lot of bang for its bucks while FCB has to avoid “second album” syndrome or whatever you want to call it.

The campaign also has to work across channels, as they say, so the thirty seconds needs to do the job just as well as the longer versions. 30 seconds first.

We’ve already had tow nines today, for Droga5 and Uniqlo, and L’Oreal so giving a third should be a sign of imminent brain-softening (also that UK creative agencies can still do it of course). But it’s hard to fault anything in this: it’s inclusive without being pious or preachy, lively and fun. And, I’d have thought, persuasive.

So – MAA creative scale: 9.

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