L’Oreal and Prince’s Trust forge winning team in new McCann “All Worth It” campaign

Say what you like about Prince Charles (and sometimes we do) his Prince’s Trust does heaps of good work and it’s teamed with L’Oreal to tell young people ‘You’re All Worth It’ (geddit), despite their real or imagined imperfections. To that end there’s a three-year programme aimed at banishing self-doubt.

This is one of dozens of films (featuring the ‘ambassadors’ individually too) headed by (Dame) Helen Lydia Mirren and plumply pregnant Cheryl Cole (or whatever she calls herself these days). From McCann London and media agency Maxus.

Why some of these frankly gorgeous young people suffer from self-doubt only they know. But that’s the point of course, deftly dramatised by McCann. Looks great too.

Clever planning and placement by Maxus too which doubtless helped with the strategy. Wins all round, not least for L’Oreal of course. The giant L’Oreal hasn’t always been the most likeable company but this nails that one too.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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