Droga5 London steps up to the plate in new global blockbuster for Uniqlo


Is this the campaign that will finally propel Droga5 in London into the big time?

Well it should be: it’s global (with some help from NYC parent possibly), for the world’s best clothing brand and the client is John Jay, who used to be the head creative at Wieden+Kennedy HQ. So there’s some pretty heavy artillery on the agency’s side.

David Droga made his name at Saatchi in London in the days when that agency still shared some DNA with the Saatchi Brothers’ famous construct. Its creative work was quite left brain in a way that early rivals CDP and BMP were not. There was a clear selling proposition (‘the world’s favourite airline’ even though it probably wasn’t) and a top of the range film. Nowadays there are lots of digital bells and whistles too but Droga has, more or less, stuck to the same formula. In this case: ‘Because of Life there’s LifeWear.’

D5 London’s creative director is David Kolbusz who’s done his time at BBH and there are elements of BBH at its best in this too.

Jay, president global creative, fast retailing, says:”The new Uniqlo campaign is a great example of how exceptional storytelling dimensionalises (hmm) the technology-led benefits of our LifeWear apparel. The Droga5 London team’s creativity lifts the rational reason to an emotional answer.”

Kolbusz says: “Uniqlo make some of the best clothes I put on my body. Everything they do is dedicated to improving what they sell. Every iteration of every garment is a step up from the last. What we’ve tried to do here is take the rational reasons you buy their clothes and articulate them in the abstract.”


Proper advertising, the kind that will make adam&eveDDB look to its laurels.

MAA creative scale: 9.

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