Preening Pogba launches new Adidas collection

Anyone watching Manchester United playing Liverpool on Sunday would have clocked £80m trophy signing Paul Pogba (the world’s most expensive player) playing like a dud note.

At defensive corners, despite being a towering six foot something, he seemed to spend more time admiring his new hairstyle (the sixth in as many weeks it seems) than marking his opposite number. Apparently the ground was festooned with posters showing him on social media.

Anyway this overpriced poseur is adding insult to injury by launching his own Adidas clothing collection (Adidas supplies Man U’s playing kit at a cost of zillions).

It’s a capable enough film by Stink Studios but the whole thing reeks of the voracious vacuity that epitomises football these days. Middle-aged men making a mint by foisting expensive kit on credulous youngsters and supporters. Grrr.

The film? 5, But it’s not really about the film.

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