McDonald’s takes a leaf out of Apple’s book with relaunch by We Are Unlimited

Years ago Apple told us “there’s an app for that,” heralding the final coming of smartphone mania.

Now McDonald’s newly-minted US creative agency We Are Unlimited, based on DDB, has produced its first offering – ‘There’s a Big Mac for that’. Actually there are three: a smaller version and a Grand Mac, which sounds formidable.

McDonald’s said it wanted a new kind of agency (it was with Leo Burnett mostly) to funnel content at Spapchat, Instagram and the like so there are loads of different versions.

But is it any good? McD’s sales are on the wane again in the US although profit is up.

Excitable rappers don’t do it for me but, then, I’m hardly the target market. Looks like kind of debut campaign designed to keep the client on-side, playing the brief back with bells and whistles.

MAA creative scale: 4.

PS Apple trademarked “there’s an app for that.” Will the Cupertino legal eagles be on the phone to Chicago?


  1. No point in being polite – it’s utter shite. (One could rap that if one wanted to.)

  2. As I say on AdScam. I have no fucking idea what he is saying, whilst visually fellow rappers are doing handstands whilst eating Big Mac’s upside down. Meantime, a college marching band has kidnapped a subway train. McDonald’s sales have been going down for four years… This’ll fix it… Yeah, fucking right!

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