Adam&eve time travels to win Great Western Railway

Adam&eveDDB has been appointed to handle Great Western Railway, the new (old) name for First Group-owned GWR which operates services in the South and South West of England, after a pitch.

Great Western Railway goes all the way back to 1833 (its first trains didn’t run until 1838 – nothing much changes on the railways) and the line was created by Isambard Kingdom Brunel, no less. One reason for the delay was that the great engineer couldn’t agree on gauge size with the other train operators. Nothing much changes…

Appositely GWR’s original HQ was in A&E’s current building at 12 Bishop’s Bridge Road, hard by its terminus at London’s Paddington station.

GWR head of marketing Amanda Burns says: “The revival of the GWR brand is a pivotal moment in this company’s history and we need a creative agency with the vision and boldness to match our own. Adam&eveDDB are the natural partners for this next chapter; as we deliver new trains; more seats, more frequent services and reduce journey times.”

A&E CEO Matt Goff says: “GWR is a brand with an inspiring past, an inspiring vision, and an inspiring story to tell; just the sort of brand we love to work with.”

Great Western is, indeed, right up A&E’s street (the agency likes a bit of history). Maybe Brunel will make an appearance, its famous old green and cream trains are certain to do so.

Rail companies though, have a big image problem in the UK, charging high prices for often irregular services. Southern rail which operates services from London to Brighton among others has been more or less out of action for over a year now, thanks to bolshy rail unions and slippery management who say they want to have two staff (including the driver) on each train but don’t want the second one to open the doors. No wonder the staff don’t trust them.

GWR, though, says it’s investing heavily in new trains and services.

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  1. Well, up to a point, Lord Copper …

    12 Bishops Bridge Road was the former GWR Parcels Office, not the Company HQ.

    Signed, Ex-BMP staffer.