Two alternative Christmases: Carphone’s Lemon and Brexit from KFC and BBH

Amid all the (would-be) heartwarming christmas spectaculars there’s a noteworthy sub-set: Christmas with extra cheese and, in this one for Carphone Warehouse from Brothers and Sisters, collapsing sets. And Keith Lemon, of course.

BBH, which seems to gradually recovering its form (people have been discussing it in funereal tones the past three years) has taken a downbeat tone in its Tesco campaign ‘Bring It On’ and muted discord is at the heart of its new campaign for KFC, with various topical themes including that bane of our lives, Brexit.

Think we might be seeing a few more Brexit-themed ads as we go into 2017.

Not bad, in both cases.

MAA creative scale: 6.5.

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