NCTL and FCB Inferno inject a little common sense into education debate

FCB Inferno’s ‘Your Future Their Future’ for the The National College for Teaching & Leadership (NCTL), part of of the Education Department, is one of the better public service campaigns of the last few years. Designed to recruit more and better teachers.

Here’s the latest instalment, “Making Futures.’

NCTL head of marketing Mike Olson says: “The Your Future Their Future campaign has been instrumental in the recruitment of thousands of teachers. This next phase of the campaign builds on the success to date and brings to life the fantastic job teachers do by focusing on the differences they make to their students every single day and the hugely positive effect this has on their future. By celebrating the work of the nation’s teachers, we hope to inspire many more people to follow the same path”.

FCB Inferno CCO Al Young says: “The Your Future Their Future campaign continues to build momentum. This renewed focus gives us the opportunity to zoom in on the interactions between teacher and student that happen all over the country every single day, showing that little differences can lead to a brighter future. It’s a privilege to be responsible for recruiting the next generation of teachers.”

In truth this is quite a modest effort but it hits the target accurately enough.

MAA creative scale: 7.

Wonder what Olson and his colleagues make of Theresa May’s dingbat plan to bring back grammar schools? After years of battle between teachers and Ofsted state schoolsd are finally improving, in many parts of the country anyway. Why muck it up with another unneeded “reform?”

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