Jake Scott helms GTB’s £40m Ford Edge launch with tale of Croation skullduggery

Thought it might be fun to view this new Ford Edge epic (Ford’s Edge seems to be a new crossover) without reading the press release. Which is how 99.99 per cent of the population will view it.

Lavishly directed by Jake Scott (he’s credited on the film) it seems to feature a weirdly time-travelling Day of the Jackal type, played by Mads Mikkelsen (also credited) deflected from his sinister purpose by the aforementioned new motor (among other things). Point being, it seems, that life is about making choices and a new Ford Edge is a bloody good one. There are more pack shots than in a Seventies soap powder commercial.

Now I’ve just learned that it’s a £40m pan-European campaign from one GTB, described as WPP’s global agency for Ford. Why do they keep renaming these? What does GTB stand for anyway? But we’ll press on. The film was written by GTB’s creative heads Julian Watt and Bryn Attewell and shot in Croatia at Game of Thrones locations. Thought it was Italy but some bits of Croatia are more Italian than..

No doubt there’s lots more.

But is it any good?

On one level it’s spectacularly silly. It’s only a remarkably unremarkable car after all although it doubtless does the job.

But you get drawn in, especially when rival assassin ‘The Widow’ enters the fray. And Scott junior does a great job.

MAA creative scale: 8.


  1. GTB?

    If you’re Italian it stands for ‘Gran Turismo Berlinetta’ – a fast, sporty coupe of the kind Ferrari is famous for.

    If you’re in advertising, it stands for ‘Global Team Blue’, WPP’s re-branding of their Ford agency network, previously known as ‘Team Detroit’ and ‘Blue Hive’. A lot less exciting than a Ferrari …

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